The Use of FLOSS for Composing (LMMS)

a workshop by Helga Hofbauer (Mz Baltazar’s Laboratory)

the use of Free Libre Open Source Software for composing

playing around with sound composing software on open source basis. let’s compose a song

  1. beats
  2. bass
  3. melodies/lead
  4. add fancy freaky soundz
  5. play it and dance the revolution 😉
bring your laptop AND SOME HEADPHONES – install LMMS/Linux Multi Media Studio (linux or windows)


pictures from the workshop
12. 06. 2011.

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a workshop by Selena Savić

The workshop is thought of as a place to experiment with manufacturing of solar cells. We will build DIY solar cells, using different materials like copper, broken screens and old transistors. We will test the capacity of these cells and try to use them to power simple devices, that we could then leave in the public space.


photos from the workshop
13. 06. 2011.

a step-by-step guide:

drawing lines with silver varnish, [photo electrode] (to make the surface more conductive)

covering the surface with TiO2 – titanium dioxide [semi-conductive electron receptor]

preparing the dye (raspberries and mulberries)

covering one sheet of the cell with dye

covering the other sheet with carbon [catalyst]

closing the cell with silicon, after adding some drops of betadine in between the sheets [electrolyte]

on the street, measuring capacities:

Written by selena on April 25th, 2011

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