Data Carving

a workshop by Gordan Savičić and Danja Vasiliev

During the “Data carving” workshop, participants will explore the contents of found hard-disks. Using methods borrowed from computer digital forensics participants will peek into the lives of others – former owners of scavenged hardware. Hard-disks as the most intimate part of any computer system. In case of a personal computer – the most intimate part of person’s life. Deductively, we will try to discuss and recreate “psyche” portraits of those strangers and restore the time-lines that otherwise would have faded away. In the times of paranoiac privacy awareness we forget that online is not the only place to loose your identity. Although more and more personal data is stored on the Internet servers it is still written to hard-disks. There were several reports about Internet servers hard-disks ending up on flea-markets, being sold for cheap money.


photos from the workshop
11. 06. 2011.

Written by selena on April 25th, 2011

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